The selection of publications currently included in the database gives a preliminary general taste of the variety that underpins the relationship between translation and the transnational dimension of chapbook and broadside literature. The publications differ from each other in three respects – the text genres to which they belong, the ways in which they are linked to their transnational correspondents and those in which they express their condition of transnational variants. The database is expected to expand gradually, providing increasingly comprehensive pictures of this variety.

The Italian context is taken as a reference. All the titles listed below were published in Italy, mostly in the nineteenth century. A hyperlink connects them to their matching transnational counterparts.

Title of Italian Text Type of Publication Transnational correspondent
Nuova e bellissma (sic) istoria nella quale s’intende l’alte imprese fatte da un gentilissimo e valoroso Cavaliere Figlio del Gran Targante, Re dell’ Arabia Felice. Con molti avvenimenti a lui successi
La catalana punita
Il contrabbandiere
  • The smuggler
Il naufragio
  • The Sea Boy's Grave
Difesa di un soldato prussiano
  • The perpetual almanack; or gentleman soldier's prayer book
  • Astuta y verdadera disculpa de un soldado que fué acusado á su Mayor de habérsele hallado en la misa
Lo spazzacammino
  • The History of William Black the Chimney Sweeper
  • Jacques le Ramoneur
Atti di fede, speranza, carità e contrizione (atto di fede, atto di speranza, atto di carità, atto di contrizione)
  • Atti di fede, Speranza, Carità e Contrizione (Die Glaubensübung, Die Hoffnung, Die Liebes Übung, Die Zerknirschung)
La Marsigliese
  • La Marseillaise